The Cardigan That Started My Chico’s Love

Chico's brightly colored cardigan

I know exactly when my love of Chico’s started.

It was four or five years ago and I was shopping at my favorite local consignment shop in the Jackson area, Repeat Street. A colorful cardigan with shades of purple and orange caught my eye. I have only started wearing colorful clothing in my 30s, for some reason in my 20s my wardrobe consisted mainly of gray, black, red, and the occasional purple item. I never wore tan and almost all my shoes were black! I think that because I’ve been happier in my 30s, my clothing choices have become more colorful to reflect that happiness.

As I was browsing the racks, I pulled out the cardigan and I was confused about why it was on the “large” rack when it said it was a size 1 – at the time I was not familiar with Chico’s sizing – but it looked like it would fit me so I decided to try it on. I ended up purchasing it, I have no idea what I paid for it but I know it was not more than $20, it was probably $15-$18. I still wear the cardigan in the winter, because it is a very warm sweater and much too warm for Mississippi summers, and it makes my happy whenever I do. That sweater made me more interested in Chico’s and I started noticing a LOT of Chico’s items at Repeat Street. I started picking up more items there and wanted to check out their new clothes but I did not realize that new from the store Chico’s items were definitely not in my budget as a graduate student and later a newly-grad therapist. I signed up for the mailing list because we are also lucky enough to have a Chico’s outlet at the local outlet mall and I noticed that would have really great sales!

Pretty soon, I was purchasing brand new items from for huge discounts, one item I got more than $100 off! I’ve still bought enough over the years to become a Chico’s Passport member but after a couple Facebook posts talking about the great deals I snagged, I decided that I should make a blog to share all of my tips and tricks with people who want to use them! I have several techniques that make it really easy to get brand new items at the lowest price possible and I will be sharing those with y’all here! I will also be talking about some of the deals I have found in the past, as well as showcasing things that I find on local consignment shops and on Poshmark. Actually, as I type this, I’m wearing a Chico’s poncho that I purchased on Poshmark!

I love to interact so please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, or send me your deals and I will showcase them here! To be featured here on the blog please be sure to send me at least one good quality photo of the item, the price you paid for it, if you know the regular price that is helpful, and also where you found it. If there’s a story behind it, send that too! You can send your finds to

Chico's brightly colored cardigan

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