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Hi, I’m Stacey! You may already know me from my other projects, I have a makeup & beauty blog www.not26anymorebeauty.com and a health & weight loss blog www.not26anymore.com.

I love creating content and I love style. I also love a deal and that’s what inspired me to create yet another blog, this one focused on Chico’s and other brands that are not in my budget unless they are on sale or thrifted.

I am from the Jackson, MS area. I am a social worker and mental health professional currently working in hospice. When I’m not creating content (which takes up quite a bit of my free time!) I like to spend time with my three dogs and my husband. You can usually find me on my makeup Instagram @Not26AnymoreBeauty where I share at least one photo every day, six days a week! I can’t keep up that pace with all of my different projects but if you’re looking to connect, that Instagram is the quickest way to do it. I also have a YouTube channel where I mostly talk about makeup but I have started sharing some style content not related to makeup on Thursdays.

I am open to reviewing items via PR or sponsorship, honest reviews ONLY my opinion is not for sale! For business inquiries please email ThriftChicos@gmail.com

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